The Inferno Queen (theinfernoqueen) wrote in inuyasha_ocd,
The Inferno Queen

Inuyasha for sale!

Hello everyone! I have up for sale a few DVDs. They are as follows...

Inu-Yasha complete season 1 box set
Inu-Yasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across time
Inu-Yasha The Movie 2: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
Ju-On (The original Japanese version that inspired the movie The Grudge)

All of these DVDs are Region 1 American releases and have the options of playing in either english language or the original japanese format, or japanese language with english subtitles, plus lots of other special features.
I will accept concealed cash in american currency as payment. I will ship to anywhere in the world.
Comment to this post with an offer if you are interested...
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